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Innovation. Accelerated.

We Help Tomorrow’s Innovators Achieve Technology Leadership Faster Through Superior Algorithmic Thinking

Speed to Market Depends on the Right People.

The history of the software business is littered with companies with brilliant ideas that couldn’t execute fast enough. So how do you execute quickly in a world of non-existent local resources and mediocre offshore resources?

To accelerate their software innovation, bleeding-edge companies come to Vaital.  A global software innovation boutique based in Seattle, Vaital’s algorithmically-focused software engineering teams are second to none. They have built the core systems for some of the most important start-ups and enterprise leaders of the last 10 years and consistently go far, far beyond the brief to not just deliver a product, but to help our clients create businesses with strategic technical advantage.

Enterprise Solutions


Need to get from napkin scratches to a world-class, hyper-scalable and secure backend at lightspeed? Our Enterprise Innovation team specializes in concepting, architecting, and executing platforms and solutions that are not only done right the first time, but also position our clients for long-term growth.

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AI Solutions


AI is the future, but if competent AI developers are hard to come by, then world-class AI innovators are diamonds in the rough.

Consider Vaital your AI treasure chest. Our AI teams are involved in some of the most advanced work in the machine learning and machine vision space.  We are doing the type of fundamental R&D that others simply don’t have the algorithmic chops to handle.

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Blockchain Solutions


Yes, the most recent crypto boom/bust exposed much of the industry as fraudsters and get-rich-quick schemers. But something really exciting happened on the way to the crypto markets being by-and-large discredited. Fundamentally useful technology platforms were created using blockchain that will begin to change the way the world does business. At Vaital, we believe we aren’t at the bottom of a bust, but rather we are at the beginning of a far broader set of use cases for blockchain technology.

And we are big fans.

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Quantum Computing R&D Lab

The industrial promise of quantum computing may still be 7-10 years away, but there is still a lot of money to be made in helping define an entire industry. We’ve curated a unique team of top-tier researchers in our quantum computing R&D lab and we’re ready for business.

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Mobile Solutions

Mobile developers are a dime a dozen. And then there is Vaital. We don’t develop mobile apps. We develop fundamentally new ways of using mobile phones. Our algorithmically centered teams architect the types of industry-changing mobile solutions that few others can.

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