Mission & Values 

Why we do what we do.


Transform your problems into profitable outcomes. 


Vaital fuels innovative businesses with earth’s most elusive talent. Our ultimate vision is transformed lives through transformed livelihoods. We cultivate oases of brilliance in undiscovered economies – uplifting community and country via sustained economic opportunity.


Like most great stories, ours starts with a great friendship.


Business is all about trust.  Anyone who has ever hired outsourced software developers knows this first-hand.


Our co-founders, Matt and David, were each raised by single moms in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They’ve been friends since age ten.


Each have built their reputations and careers delivering with excellence to the Global 100 – expanding the most trusted brands on the planet into new markets.


David and Matt recognized the world’s biggest business problem: a dearth of high-end, truly innovative talent in software engineering  a problem that is growing exponentially in the field of AI.


A serendipitous dinner in London with their wives sparked the creation of Vaital in early 2019.


David leading the company from our headquarters in Cloud City: Seattle, Washington. Matt running our global operations and recruiting our game-changing data science and engineering teams – 190 strong and growing – from what Forbes calls, "The World’s Next Tech Hub." 

Core Values 

These three things are at the core of everything we do. 



Authenticity and honesty are at our core – and at the core of every project we deliver. Morality and ethics are particularly critical in the field of AI. Integrity is doing the right thing – even when no one is watching (C.S. Lewis). We choose what’s right over what’s fun, fast, or easy (Brené Brown). Business moves at the speed of trust. We always put people before profit. 

We empower our teams to be creative and curious with their work, while holding everyone accountable to our most important goal of delivering truly exceptional software. We are servant leaders who embrace diversity because it makes us stronger. 


Empowerment & Accountability 



Grit. Perseverance. Commitment to excellence. At Vaital we under-promise and over-deliver. We are relentless problem solvers and master communicators. When we get our hands on a problem, we won't stop until we have innovated our way to a solution that delights our clients. 

our guiding truths


Our co-founders believe all people are created in the image of God. We believe we are uniquely created for a purpose. 


Serving our clients through innovative, excellent work is our passion. It’s how we live out

that purpose.


We are courageous and respectful. We take risks while respecting the boundaries of others. 



Diversity is the spice of life and smart business. It is an essential ingredient for exceptional software.


Curiosity, Creativity and tenacity are at the core of everything we do. We find unusual ways of getting things done and we always persevere.



We have an attitude of gratitude. We exceed expectations by holding each other accountable to our teams and clients.