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Seattle-based, global AI boutique, led by Microsoft executive alumni.



Our mission: transform hyper-challenging problems into ownable IP.

Our vision: transforming lives through transformed livelihoods.


Executive Leadership

David Yunger | CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman brings two decades global business and technology leadership experience to the company, across the tech, learning, and recruiting sectors. Entrepreneur, Fulbright scholar, former Microsoft and Pearson executive and consultant to the Fortune 50.

Matt Bartelsian | COO, Co-Founder (US-expat) leads our global recruitment and talent growth strategy, based in Armenia. Currently heading a team of radical AI innovators to re-invent the robotics and retail industries, Matt has 20+ years experience in consulting and brand management representing Global 500 enterprises including Proctor and Gamble, Deutsche Telekom, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever.

Garik Petrosyan | CTO, heads our engineering teams, based in Armenia. Visionary tech entrepreneur with 20+ years in software architecture and development. Garik spearheads an organization of 160+ developers creating robot-ready intelligence for retail artificial intelligence-as-a-service platform.

Vaital Board of Directors

Margo Day | Board of Directors, As a 25+ year Microsoft executive, VP of Education, Margo led the company’s US channel, strategy and sales. Awards include Circle of Excellence, Platinum Club Founders, and Microsoft Most Inspirational Woman. Margo’s current focus: building secondary schools for vulnerable girls in Kenya. Her work over the past decade transformed communities for tens of thousands of children across East Africa.

Gladys Kenfack | Board of Directors, Gladys brings nearly two decades of technology product leadership to Vaital. A Microsoft MVP Award winner with deep experience in both the US and in emerging markets, Ms. Kenfack is recognized internationally as a creative and strategic global marketing leader who solves complex problems and delivers high-impact results.

Mike Miles | Board of Directors, 20-year Microsoft exec, building and leading global teams, startups and mature businesses both inside and outside the company. Through FY19, Mike led Microsoft’s Community Development, supporting 50+ global sites hosting Azure datacenters. Mike is a GEMBA candidate at INSEAD and is an early-stage investor, speaker, advisor and board member of multiple non-profit and for-profit start-ups.

Brian Moore | Board of Directors, As Principal AI strategist heading Microsoft’s data architecture design for Global 100 firms, Brian brings nearly 3 decades technology leadership to Vaital. An American expat based in Germany for two decades, he founded and launched “Garage” chapters at multiple Microsoft Corporate offices, partnering with customers to build their creative muscle across the automotive, banking and retail industries.