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Speed to market depends on the right people.
We have agile, highly curated teams of innovators you won't find anywhere else. 

Amidst a global pandemic, digital transformation is everything. 

So how do you meet the demands of a changing market and get access to top-tier developers who always execute with efficiency?

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To accelerate their software innovation, bleeding-edge companies come to Vaital. Our algorithmically focused engineering teams are second to none. We go far beyond the brief to not just deliver a product, but create strategic competitive advantage.

An Oasis of Brilliance

We solve problems others can't 
We innovate in ways others don't
We've tapped into an undiscovered source of multi-million dollar talent

Exponential Demand,

Tiny Supply

Annual compensation of senior software engineers at large corporations is approaching $1 Million.


What’s driving this trend?  And how can you compete?


Fewer than 50,000 people on the planet can confidently write a Machine Learning model.

According to Gartner, current AI demand is 2.3 million jobs – a 50x capacity gap. And it’s expanding exponentially: Microsoft projects 20 million net new AI and data analytics roles by 2025.

Inclusive Teams Build Inclusive Solutions. 

 Women make up 50% of the planet  – and must have a lead role in developing technology. This is particularly crucial when it comes to Machine Learning. For us, it’s equal parts culture and strategy.


Globally, women represent just 20% of the tech workforce. At Vaital, because of the unique way we source and develop our talent, we consistently and measurably have 50% greater gender diversity than other AI firms.”

- David Yunger, Founder & CEO

A Focus on World-class Female engineers 

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