digital transformation. 


Our data scientists are creating Machine Learning models often found only at companies with a trillion-dollar market cap. 


Vaital fuels enterprises across industries who don't have billion-dollar R&D budgets, yet achieve disruptive innovation – with stellar ROI.

Industry experience 

Education/ Online Testing
Energy/ Clean Tech 
FinTech/ Banking
Government/ Military 
Social Networking 


Vaital innovates so you move faster.  

Blockchain platforms are changing the way the world does business. Discover the beginning of a broader set of use cases for blockchain technology.

Voice to text.

Text to speech. We detect speakers and turn data into business intelligence. 

Our AI teams are driving the most advanced work in the machine learning and machine vision space, including land, sea, and drone-based technology

AI & Machine Learning 

predictive analytics
World-leading capabilities in facial recognition, real-time identity authentication, and object detection. 1.3 million Swiss citizens rely on our team’s software to securely access their bank accounts. 

computer vision 

natural language processing  

natural language processing  

73% of CEOs are not analyzing  their data. Transform your data into intelligence that drives profitability.

predictive analytics 

fundamental enterprise engineering

Our Enterprise Innovation team specializes in concepting, architecting, and executing platforms and solutions that are not only done right the first time, but also position our clients for long-term growth.

digital platform transformation

cryptography & blockchain automation

Enterprise IOT & Mobility 

iot & AI at extreme edge 

We develop fundamentally new ways of using mobile phones. Our algorithmically centered teams architect the types of industry changing mobile solutions few others can. 

enterprise mobile solutions

Rapid prototyping

 r&D labs


60 day prototyping


Need to get from napkin scratches to a world-class, hyper-scalable and secure backend at lightspeed? It’s time to talk to Vaital. 

Vaital AI Principles

Artificial Intelligence systems should:

Treat all people fairly.

Perform reliably and safely.

Be secure and respect privacy.

Be inclusive to empower and engage.

Be understandable and accountable.

As a corporation headquartered in Washington State, we support the new 2020 legislation 

– the world’s first law governing the use of facial recognition. 


This landmark legislation contains key ethical and human rights provisions 

which serve as a roadmap for other states and countries to follow.

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